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Tiscali Deploys NexTone

ROME -- The Tiscali International Network (TINet), the carrier arm of the Tiscali Group, has chosen NexTone's Multiprotocol Session Exchange (MSX) to deliver high-quality VoIP, VoIP VPN, and VoIP peering services to wholesale market carriers and xSPs in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The NexTone MSX is designed to interconnect SIP and H.323 networks which are the primary protocols used by networks capable of carrying VoIP and multimedia traffic. NexTone's IntelliConnect™ System provides TINet with a simplified carrier class solution to manage all aspects of its VoIP network interconnects for real-time services and applications, including interconnect security, service connectivity, multi-vendor interoperability, and traffic management.

With NexTone's MSX, TINet is improving the quality and efficiency of its existing ILD (International Long Distance) VoIP service. Quality, especially of the VoIP service provided, is a key focus for TINet. NexTone's ability to flexibly adjust TINet's VoIP call flows to increase service quality is a key advantage in the wholesale VoIP space, where voice quality is unpredictable and difficult to monitor.

Due to the technical and operational limitations of its previous wholesale VoIP infrastructure, TINet implemented NexTone's MSX to act as its central VoIP call routing platform. TINet chose the NexTone solution based on its sophisticated call routing intelligence, granular level of control over VoIP traffic and business, and the flexible and easy to manage platform.

Maurizio Binello, COO, Tiscali International Network - "As a company, we are committed to providing the best VoIP quality. After evaluating several other vendors in the space, NexTone proved that it is focused on helping carriers build manageable, scalable and high quality VoIP networks. A primary reason we chose NexTone was because of the degree of control it provided us over VoIP session quality. In addition, NexTone's comprehensive platform was manageable and flexible enough to address the many complexities of interconnecting VoIP networks."

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