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The Sonus Short Leash

4:45 PM –- Why is Mark Sullivan wearing a dog collar?

Oh, I see. He's preparing to be kept on a short leash.

From The Philter mailbag, an email that perhaps suggests how one publicly traded equipement vendor is very sensitive about its financials these days:

From: TJ Freedman [mailto:[email protected]]
Subject: Light Reading Coverage
Hi team,

As expected, Mark Sullivan wrote about yesterday’s Japan Telecom announcement for Light Reading, focusing on the potential financial implications for the deal for Sonus. We've included the article, entitled “Sonus Wins at Japan Telecom,” below along with the URL.

Sullivan quotes U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Troy Jensen on the deal's potential value and what it means from a future relationship standpoint for Sonus and Japan Telecom, and mentions that "Sonus has maintained incumbency status since 2003" with SoftBank. Sullivan also points out that "[i]nvestors have so far taken little notice of the deal... Sonus shares barely moved on the news."

Please review the article and contact us with any questions -- given his continued focus on the financial implications of any and all Sonus news, we'll continue to keep Sullivan on a short leash for outreach and will alert you immediately when he has financial-related questions.



T.J. Freedman
Greenough Communications

Thanks, T.J. And with your firm's pioneering efforts in the field of public relations, Sonus Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: SONS) will undoubtedly cement its reputation as America's Favorite Company.

— Phil Harvey, Good Vibes Editor, Light Reading

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