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Ready. Set. Innovate

10:00 AM -- ORLANDO, Fla. -- Metaswitch Forum 2012 -- Metaswitch held its annual customer forum this week with a theme of innovation. That's quite a common theme in the telecom industry these days and like many suppliers of technology to the carrier space, Metaswitch has a vested interest in its customers taking the theme to heart. Metaswitch VP of Marketing Steve Gleave, whose fingerprints are always all over the forum event, summed up the theme early on by urging Metaswitch's carrier customers to get moving. The time for talk about technology and all of its wonderful inventive possibilities has passed, urged Gleave. It's now time to innovate, execute, and just do it was the not so subtle message.

Returning CEO John Lazar echoed this message and said Metaswitch is committed to helping its carrier customers fully move to true IP-centric carriers, capture their rightful share of the lucrative business services market, and clarify the cloud opportunity. He would also like to sell a few more session border controllers in the process.

The innovation theme was apposite not just for Metaswitch customers, but Metaswitch itself. As my colleague Phil Harvey explains, Metaswitch sees a post-carrier world, and it fully intends to be a player in it. That will require innovation of its product line and its culture -- a feat that Lazar, Gleave, and CTO Martin Taylor seem quite confident of achieving.

That's not to say they intend to leave their carrier customers behind. Quite the contrary. Metaswitch believes it is giving its carrier customers the tools necessary to participate in a post-carrier world, where customers are buying a communications experience from whomever they see fit, regardless of location, history, incumbency, or telecom pedigree. Can legacy carriers participate in this world? It's up to them. For them, the innovation theme has less to do with products and more to do with mindset.

— Bernardin Arnason, Managing Partner, Pivot Group , and Publisher, Telecompetitor

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