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NexTone Tests at GMI

GAITHERSBURG, Md. -- NexTone successfully participated in the Global MultiService Forum Interoperability 2006 (GMI 2006) event, which began simultaneously at carrier locations in Asia, Europe, and North America on October 16 and will be conducted through October 27. The focus of GMI 2006 was to test multi- vendor interoperability for Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) supporting the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) service framework.

NexTone successfully demonstrated interoperability testing between the NexTone IntelliConnect™ IMX and carriers' core IMS networks. The NexTone IMX is an intelligent interconnect device that supports both IMS and non-IMS IP interconnects.

At GMI 2006, more than 900 pages of test cases were used to validate the MSF R3 Implementation Agreements. The MultiService Forum (MSF) previously developed MSF R3, a reference architecture, to enable implementation of IMS functions spelled out by the 3GPP. The MSF R3 Implementation Agreements cover roaming services across multiple network types, QoS (Session Border Controller and Bandwidth Manager), IP Carrier Interconnect/Interworking, Security interoperability, third party applications, service brokering, network management, OSS, and IPv4/6 Interworking.

GMI 2006 testing validated NexTone's support for the session border gateway functionality of the MSF R3 Architecture including S-SBG-NE (Signaling-SBG-Network Edge), D-SBG-NE (Data-SBG-Network Edge), S-SBG-NC (Signaling-SBG-Network Core), and D-SBG-NC (Data-SBG-Network Core). The NexTone IMX integrates these functions on a single platform that processes both session signaling and media for user-to-network interconnects and network-to-network interconnects.

Sri Ramachandran, chief technical officer, NexTone Communications -- "The GMI 2006 event further validated NexTone's leadership in the voice and multimedia-oriented IMS interconnect arena. Even though IMS promises best- of-breed network components exposing standard interfaces, the interconnection of IMS networks to other IMS and legacy networks is a challenge that carriers face. NexTone is committed to solving this problem, and is leveraging its IntelliConnect technology and experience in over 500 carrier production networks. GMI 2006 enabled us to prove that not only can NexTone interconnect IMS networks, but it can also offer a bridge for carriers to migrate from legacy networks to IMS-based next generation networks."

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