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NetLogic, Switchvox Team

ST. LOUIS and SAN DIEGO -- NetLogic, a leader in Business Class VoIP and Internet services, and Switchvox, the premier developer of Asterisk-based IP PBX systems, today announced a strategic partnership for deployment of next generation VoIP products and services.

Under the arrangement, NetLogic has certified Switchvox SOHO and Switchvox SMB IP PBX systems to work with its VoIP Choice product. Concurrently, Switchvox has certified NetLogic’s VoIP Choice to work with its Asterisk-based systems.

“NetLogic provides and manages both data and voice together, which results in superior quality of service,” says Joshua Stephens, CEO of Switchvox. “By certifying NetLogic’s VoIP product with our IP PBX systems, Switchvox SOHO and Switchvox SMB, we can provide VoIP excellence to our combined customers.”

“Our certification ensures users of Switchvox IP PBX systems that they can enjoy voice-optimized, high quality connections,” explains Mike Morey, president of NetLogic. “Together we can provide end to end management of the VoIP connection, thereby eliminating the jitter and garble associated with many conventional VoIP deployments.”

VoIP Choice utilizes Quality of Service-based SIP trunks to provide business-class voice service. SIP trunks avoid the conversion between IP and traditional phone protocols. In many IP phone system implementations, calls are converted from the phone service provider’s network to the local IP network. This conversion point is often a source for echo and static. SIP trunks eliminate that conversion, making the internal phone system simpler and less costly, while providing superior voice quality.

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