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Moto Intros VOIP Platform

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Motorola (NYSE: MOT) today announced its first Voice over IP (VoIP) Open Application-Enabling Platforms and outlined plans to extend the product range in the future.

The first generation of VoIP Open Application-Enabling Platforms is based on Motorola’s FACT-SIP software integrated with ComStruct™ CompactPCI packet voice resource boards.

The FACT-SIP software package allows Motorola’s ComStruct packet voice resource hardware to be controlled by sending Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) commands across an IP socket from an application. This makes it easy to interface existing SIP-based applications and devices directly to ComStruct hardware to create VoIP enabled applications, such as IP-PBX and VoIP access gateways.

Motorola also intends to create new VoIP Open Application-Enabling Platform families that integrate FACT-SIP software with MicroTCATM and AdvancedTCA® hardware. The increasing adoption of SIP supports Motorola’s vision of seamless mobility by making it easier for devices and applications to communicate.

“SIP is at the core of our VoIP Application-Enabling Platform strategy. This open industry standard is becoming the de-facto call control protocol for setting up and controlling voice and multimedia services across IP links,” said Nigel Forrester, Media Products Marketing Manager with Embedded Communications Computing, Motorola. “Our strategy is to integrate packet voice resource boards with SIP software, creating tested VoIP Platforms that make it easy to voice-enable SIP applications, without the need to generate low-level code or directly control hardware. Motorola’s Open Application-Enabling Platform approach can help telecom equipment manufacturers to speed up VoIP product development while helping to reduce risk in the development process.”

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