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Juniper Goes Green Around the Edge

Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) reminded everyone it has an "Intelligent Services Edge" strategy today with the announcement of additional functionality for its MX and M-series routers, including session border control, media gateway, intrusion prevention, IPsec, and firewall capabilities. (See Juniper Adds IP Smarts.)

The vendor says it has integrated all this functionality into what it calls its Integrated Multiservice Gateway (IMSG) that runs on the "multiservices cards" for the M and MX boxes.

And here's the increasingly important "green" angle: Running all these applications on a Juniper router card can cut power consumption by 30 percent or more, when compared with the juice needed to run all sorts of stand-alone appliances, such as session border controllers.

This type of messaging, especially if it can be backed up with actual performance, is becoming increasingly important as operators look for ways to reduce their real estate and power costs. Oh, and help save Mother Earth too, of course. (See APAC's Green Power Play, Verizon's Chuck Graff: Green Power, Green Telecom East: Verizon's Thermal Ware, Debating Green Ethernet, and Ericsson Thinks Green for Routers.)

[It's worth noting at this point that Juniper has long favored the integrated approach, having killed off its stand-alone SBC in July 2006. (See Juniper Kills Its Session Controllers.)]

But apart from the new IMSG name and the green claim, much of today's announcement sounds like a retread of last October's introduction of the "Intelligent Services Edge," or ISE. (See Juniper Expands the Edge and Juniper Updates M, MX.)

[Ed note: Does anyone actually call it ISE in speech? And how would you pronounce that -- like eyes? Or ice? Curiosity is killing this cat...]

So it all seems very worthy, but appears to be last October's vision put into action.

What is new today is the release of some additional TDM traffic management capabilities for a number of Juniper network edge platforms, and the integration of some IP traffic monitoring capabilities from specialist partner Telchemy Inc. (See Telchemy Joins Juniper Program.)

The TDM traffic capabilities enable circuit voice and other legacy traffic to be backhauled over MPLS networks from the vendor's M series routers, CTP (circuit-to-packet) edge shelves, and BX mobile backhaul box. Juniper has added a number of new features, including support for analog voice and echo cancellation.

For its performance management enhancements, Juniper is integrating Telchemy's DVQattest software probe into its Junos operating software and M and MX series routers.

DVQattest monitors networks, applications, and IP sessions related to a range of packet-based services such as VoIP and IPTV by generating RTP (real-time transport) streams to simulate IP traffic.

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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