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Verizon's EV-D'oh!

1:00 PM -- Is Verizon Wireless limiting the data transfer speeds available over its 3G EV-DO network?

Yes, according to these video bloggers, who ran a Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) EV-DO phone side-by-side with a Verizon unit, and showed the Sprint handset downloading at around double the speed of Verizon.

Now, there may be some other explanations for Verizon's tardy transfers. It's possible that the operator just has far more EV-DO users in that area, or that there happened to be a number of data users downloading at that moment in that particular cell.

Still, the possibility is worth more investigation. If you use Verizon's EV-DO service, either hit the "Discuss" link below or write me here if you'd like to keep it more private.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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