Verizon, Tata Push Telepresence Ties

The push to make telepresence more mainstream continues with Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Tata Communications Ltd. announcing Wednesday that they will enable connections between Verizon's service and Tata's private service and public telepresence rooms. (See Verizon Strikes Telepresence Deal With Tata .)

Why This Matters
While Verizon, like other telepresence providers, insists the market is doing just fine, there is a sense that telepresence as an enterprise service is limited if it remains something mostly used internally to save executive travel.

"To get to the next level within the industry, we have to make sure those islands of telepresence go away and people can make more investments not only in large-room endpoints but all the way down to the desktop," says Jeff Cayer, Verizon's group manager for visual communications. "Not only can we connect you through the enterprise, but you see greater value when I can send out an invite for a telepresence session when you are on another carrier's MPLS network."

This announcement doesn't accomplish all that -– Tata and Verizon are both Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) telepresence customers, so linking their services is a much simpler step. But Cayer says Verizon is committing to providing more extensive video connections and to making video a simpler service to set up and operate. Cayer promised new bridging infrastructure that ties in Verizon Wireless and connections to other carriers' video offerings as well.

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— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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