Verizon Honors Employee

6:00 PM -- File under: Maybe Truck Rolls Aren't Such a Bad Thing After All.

From today's PR pile, a Verizon employee is given a hero's honor for almost running into a burning building and saving a woman and her child.

The details, from the Verizon press release:

Last fall, [Verizon employee] Scialabba responded to a repair call at a row house on Neshannock Boulevard. When he arrived, he discovered a fire, fueled by a pile of wood and garbage, burning out of control in front of the home’s front door.

Scialabba immediately called 911 and started knocking on adjacent doors to alert residents. Disregarding his own safety, he tried kicking the flaming materials away from the door but was repelled by the intense heat.

Scialabba then saw a woman and baby at a second-floor bedroom window of the row house. He instructed her to remain calm, to stay where she was and to place a wet cloth along the bottom of the bedroom door to prevent smoke from entering. He continued to assure the woman that help was on the way. Firefighters arrived shortly thereafter and extinguished the flames.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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