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Verizon Debuts Streamlined Consumer Portal

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) today introduced a streamlined version of its My Verizon portal at Light Reading's Three OSS Imperatives: Customer, Cost & Cloud virtual event.

The new portal is part of the service provider's ongoing efforts to make customer self-service easier and more effective. (See Telcos to Consumers: Help Yourself.)

Pat Smith, director of telecom regional operations for Verizon, told the event audience that the goal of the changes is to make it easier for customers to get more done on the MyVerizon portal, including access to all their services and features in one place, eliminating a separate Verizon.net portal for email.

"They will have access to all services, with the ability to manage their accounts, pay bills, set parental controls, and learn about what other features are available," Smith said.

By collapsing the Verizon.net email portal into MyVerizon, the service provider will enable consumers to see voice mail, email, and call logs in one place, as well as unified calendars and contact lists, and have access to popular sites like Facebook, Smith said.

MyVerizon is also an entertainment portal, offering access to online TV content from services such as HBO GO, EPIX, or Starz Play, as well as ESPN3.com and ad-free Disney/ABC programming. Consumers can program their digital video recorders from the site or bookmark videos for future viewing or order pay-per-view.

The streamlined MyVerizon is part of Verizon's ongoing efforts to improve self-service, Smith said. A growing number of customers prefer on-demand, self-service tools to calling into a call center, he noted, enabling Verizon to both improve customer service and drive down its costs.

"By enabling customers to use self-service tools for routine things, we allow our traditional call centers to better handle the more serious inquiries."

Smith believes better self-service tools differentiate Verizon's services from those of competitors.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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