UbiquiSys, IneoQuest Dominate Top 10 Poll

Ubiquisys Ltd. and IneoQuest Technologies Inc. appear to be reader favorites among Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies, but the results sure smack of ballot-box stuffing.

Of the 818 votes cast in our Top 10 Private Companies Poll by the end of the day yesterday, a whopping 64 percent picked UbiquiSys as the best of the Top 10 selections. IneoQuest was a distant second, with 25 percent of the vote.

The volume of votes behind those two meant everyone else was reduced to Cantor dust.

Ah, but there's a flip side. IneoQuest and UbiquiSys also turned out to be the most disliked companies, catching the ire of 39 percent and 26 percent of voters, respectively.

Now, we happen to think IneoQuest and UbiquiSys are fine companies with good prospects. But how many readers know enough of either company to love (or hate) them with enough passion to result in that many votes? Moreover, the voting patterns look more than a little suspicious.

Table 1: Funny Numbers: Selected Poll Results
No. of
UbiquiSys best liked, IneoQuest least liked 186
UbiquiSys best liked, no selection for least liked 264
IneoQuest best liked, UbiquiSys least liked 127
IneoQuest best liked, no selection for least liked 11

Light Reading suspected the fix was in. It wouldn't be the first time. (See AlcaLu Exec Wins Popularity Contest.) Summoning up our toughest investigative reporting skills, we called each company and basically asked if they'd 'fess up. Neither did.

A UbiquiSys spokesman was happy to hear his company was so popular but denied any knowledge of a voting campaign at the company.

Likewise, an IneoQuest spokeswoman claimed no knowledge of a voting surge. "If the CEO of IneoQuest found out something like that was going on, he wouldn't be very happy," she said.

If we ignore IneoQuest and UbiquiSys as outliers, that leaves BroadSoft Inc. and 2Wire Inc. as the most appreciated companies on the Top 10 list. The most disliked would be 2Wire and Top 10 veteran Force10 Networks Inc.

The poll is still open, so there's still time to build a robot so it can cast your vote.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:03:34 PM
re: UbiquiSys, IneoQuest Dominate Top 10 Poll The most amusing thing about this is the way the UbiquiSys and IneoQuest guys -- and I'm assuming it's just one or two guys per company -- chose to pile on the hate for each other. It's not like they're competitors.

Makes you wonder if this is the result of two friends who happen to work at the two companies and started a friendly war between themselves.

(btw: Yes, I do have better things to do than think about this. I'd better get to them.)
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