Tropos: SFA Buy Is A-OK

Wireless mesh startup Tropos Networks says that its partnership with Scientific-Atlanta Inc. (NYSE: SFA) will not be affected by 's (Nasdaq: CSCO) $6.9 billion cash deal to buy the operator, at least not for the time being. (See Cisco to Acquire Scientific-Atlanta.)

The startup is working with SFA to adjust its MetroMesh routers so that the WiFi can be plugged into a hybrid fiber-coax (HFC)cable system. The idea is that cable operators can then bolt mesh networks directly into their existing systems and offer subscribers wireless mobility services on top of their cable.

That could potentially open up a whole new area of the market for citywide WiFi networking There had been questions about the status of the deal after the acquisition, but a spokesman for Tropos says that it is "very solid and growing."

"It is our understanding that SFA will work as an independent division of Cisco," says the spokesman -- although he did qualify his statements a little by noting things could change over time.

Cisco hadn't replied to our questions about the Tropos issue by press time.

Tropos wasn't the only firm to weigh in on the Cisco buyout. David Callisch from Ruckus Wireless Inc. also called up to laud the deal.

"It's a very smart move... The home is the opportunity, whether it's IPTV or not," says the director of marketing at the startup.

"The only thing is, they can't sustain the kind of pie-in-the-sky revenues they see in the enterprise. They'll have to take a hit on revenues, but that's okay, they'll make it up with volumes."

Ruckus has a vested interested in watching these moves carefully. It is making high-speed WiFi CPE gear that is intended to broadcast all the fancy new voice, video, and data services from carriers around the home. (See Ruckus: Causin' a Commotion?.)

"It'll force companies like us to get digital content, whether it is IPTV or not, into the home," says Callisch.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

meshmastery 12/5/2012 | 2:53:27 AM
re: Tropos: SFA Buy Is A-OK As they said in Dragnet, just the facts!

Cisco plunks down billions for Scientific Atlanta.

Cisco announces a mesh product this week (BTW, can other readers tell the inside scoop here? No much comment here)

And Tropos thinks their partnership with SA is going to stick?

Readers is this

a) informed wisdom?
b) wishful thinking?
c) whistling past the graveyard?

What do you think?

freetoair 12/5/2012 | 2:53:26 AM
re: Tropos: SFA Buy Is A-OK c) gets my vote
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