Top Ten Quotes of 2003

Ah, wireless wonks say the funniest things sometimes. That's why we bring you this compendium of our favorite utterances from 2003.

It's not the year in quotes or anything like that – just the soundbites that made us giggle, or groan, or gasp in amazement that someone would that actually say that on the record.

So, in no particular order:

Biting the Bullet

"The leaders will be anointed and the losers will be shot."

Ex-Trapeze Networks Inc. marketing cheese George Prodan's hard-nosed assertion back in April that his firm had a 12-month window to make it might now make some at Trapeze – which had to lay off 30 percent of its staff later in the year – wince (see Trapeze's High Wireless Act)

Omigod, He Said What?

Aruba Wireless Networks communications director David Callisch talks about two potiental candidates for CEO at the company. On Selina Lo:

"She's too attractive to be our CEO, and we'd need to pay her a shoe budget." (see S.Lo No Go as Aruba CEO)

On Don LeBeau:

"We think this guy rocks. We'd be happy to have him, if he has us [sic]." (see Aruba to 'Don' LeBeau?)


"He's built the largest and most successful Internet networks in the world. I'm an old fart, and I've been CEO of two public companies, and I'm part owner of this one."

Larry Brilliant on why he handed over the top job at hotspot startup Cometa Networks Inc. to Gary Weiss. (see His Brilliant Career)


"I make no mistake when I call this technology 4G," claims Clive Mayhew-Begg CEO of wireless LAN hotspot operator MyZones Ltd. (see WLAN's Big Day Out).

Er, yes. Yes you do.

Viva Las Tradeshow

"I ran Netstumbler [a cult network sniffing application] and there must be 45 access points out there. And they're all committing every kind of sin."

Brian Bailey, a product marketing type for Trapeze, getting a bit sweaty-palmed at N+I in Las Vegas. (see N+I: Noise Report)

Is There Life On…

"It’s the closest approximation of the Martian atmosphere in the U.S." Tropos Networks' VP of marketing and interplanetary development, Bert Williams, explains why NASA chose his company's canteen – er,sorry, a huge hole in the ground in Arizona – for interplanetary wireless LAN tests (see WLANs Target Final Frontier). Eyes Wide Shut

"They've known about this for years – and that's what really bothers me – [that] I had to go and point it out to them."

Good-guy hacker Joshua Wright on why he decided to go public with Cisco Systems Inc.'s (Nasdaq: CSCO) LEAP security problems (see Look Before You LEAP).

Video Killed the Silicon Star?

"Betamax is still better than VHS, but so what? They didn't pay for Betamax, did they?"

Forward Concepts Co. analyst Will Strauss on the prospects for WLAN sooperchip startup Airgo Networks (see Airgoooooooooooo! ).

I Love the Smell of Startup in the Morning...

"My guess is that it is sort of a firesale. They hadn't raised any money since mid 2001, so they were basically running on fumes."

The Linley Group analyst Bob Wheeler on why Mobilian became a tasty mid-afternoon snack for Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) (see Intel Acquires Mobilian).

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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