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Top Picks Services Update

7:00 AM -- We're still considering which cool new consumer services will be big next year and will claim fame and glory as one of Light Reading's Top Picks.

The talk on the message boards is picking up now, and there are some interesting arguments posted there for why a mobile advertising service in Germany will be a game-changer. We've also had a request to nominate AT&T's new femtocell service. Check out the discussion here and pitch in with your views.

Here's the list of Top Pick nominations for consumer services so far:

And if you're wondering how to get your service on this list, here's a reminder of what to do.

How to become one of Light Reading's Top Picks
Here are three things you can do to vault your company into Top Picks contention:

1) Nominate. Let us know what your company is doing that's so great. Don't overthink the category placement or how much information we'll need. Just shout out and tell us you want to be considered and we'll let you know what info we'd like to have.

2) Participate. If we pose a question to you via our message boards, you have to respond on our message boards. If you don't, that could hurt your chances of winning. Having your lazy PR firm cut and paste chunks of your corporate Website into emails is not the way to win this contest. We want to talk to the companies directly and hear why they're excited about what they're selling, building, or planning.

3) Reciprocate. If you really want to be a Top Pick, you'll go the extra mile and help us evaluate your category peers. Why not pose some hard questions to your competitors in the space? Why not challenge our editors to explain why their shortlist of companies includes products and services that are clearly inferior to yours? Most people in telecom don't have that kind of backbone, but for the few that do, your efforts will be rewarded.

Finally, here are some Top Picks links to help you out and cover any questions you may have:

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Unstrung

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