The Openera Era

NOON -- "I can't hear you. But you look fabulous."

From this morning's PR pile, a new software kit that marries mobile phones and video conferencing. And Lucent, it appears, is the best man:

Openera Technologies announced today the commercial availability of its peer-to-peer video sharing application enabling mobile phone users to talk with and view fellow callers simultaneously. Openera's Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing (PPVS) is the newest addition to Openera's suite of IMS Mobile Client applications, which partner Lucent Technologies is delivering to market as part of its end-to-end IMS offering.

Openera's new PPVS application is an SIP-based multimedia service that allows IMS and 3G subscribers to launch a synchronous real-time audio and video session with fellow callers. The central element of Openera's Client is the Active Phone Book (APB), a centralized address book that serves as the springboard to initiate any of Openera's real-time communications services.

If the ability to swap video files becomes standard along with video conferencing apps like the one Openera's touting, there may yet be a reason to carry around one of those clunky hard drive camera phones.

— Phil Harvey, Mobile Video P2P Buzzwords Editor, Light Reading

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