The New Cisco

4:00 PM -- Big companies go through upper-level reorganizations every now and then. It's sometimes hard to tell if there's meaning there, or concealed demotions/firings -- or if it's just a change of wallpaper.

The Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) shuffling announced this morning might fall into the last camp. Major players seem to still be in place, but some roles are expanded as Cisco gloms its technologies into larger groupings. (See Cisco Reorgs CDO.)

The software group is expanding to include collaboration technologies (not a surprise). Data center gets a virtualization twist. And chief development officer Charles Giancarlo gets to chair a development council that will no doubt hold long meetings via TelePresence or something similar.

There's also a consumer and small business group that will be run by Ned Hooper, who continues to be senior VP of corporate development. Linksys goes into this bucket, as do Cisco's hopes of becoming more of a household name.

None of this is related to the new CTO, Cisco says.

But you can read all that in the press release, or in Cisco's canned Q&A. I've got to move on. Anyone want to talk about DC3?

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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