The End of AT&T

2:15 PM -- According to a February 1 employee Webcast hosted by AT&T CEO David "The Dorman" Dorman, AT&T and the Bell Companies have a long past of splitting up and getting back together. In the Webcast, Dorman said:
While I’m sure lots of reporters will have lots of fun writing “The End of Ma Bell” and “The End of AT&T” and “The End of an Era,” those who know the history of this company know that several times in its past, going all the way back to 1878, when Theodore Bell was made the first general manager of the Bell Telephone Company, over the next 30 years the Bell Company started AT&T and in 1899, AT&T actually bought its parent, Bell Company.

And now, some 100 plus years later, one of the Bell Companies is coming back and buying AT&T. I haven’t asked the lawyers to research it, but this might be the fifth or sixth transaction between Bell Companies and AT&T over the 120+ year past. We, of course, all focus on the more recent 20 years since divestiture, and that, frankly, is likely to be the subject of most of the press reports.

By the way, Mr. Dorman, I had fun writing the headline to this piece. Thanks! — Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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