The Compleat WiMax

The coming WiMax metropolitan area network (MAN) technology looks set to be one of the hot wireless technologies of 2005 -- one that may play a key role in the convergence of fixed and mobile telecom networks.

But as ever with emerging standards, there's a lot of jargon and hype to wrestle with in order to get to the bottom of the technology.

This is particularly true of WiMax. Even before the technology has hit the market, there are plenty of pundits out there ready to tell anyone that will listen about how 802.16 will deliver high-speed wireless broadband, compete with cable/DSL, and make you breakfast in the morning to boot. On the other side, naysayers will tell you that WiMax is going to be limper than the lettuce in a late night Las Vegas buffet.

Which is why Light Reading has put together a WiMax Guide, to help you steer through this wireless minefield.

Author Tim Hills lays out the basics in a report that takes the "why" out of WiMax:

So, if WiMax has got you all confused, click away.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

Need to know even more about the new metro-area wireless standard? Check out the coming Light Reading Live! conference:

WiMax – Why Now?
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This one-day event, hosted by Rick Thompson, Heavy Reading Analyst at Large, will provide qualified attendees from Light Reading's global audience an education in how WiMax will fit into their networking development plans for 2005 and beyond.

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