Telco in Transition: The Move to 4G Mobility

Third-generation (3G) mobile networks have only recently reached true mass deployment in many countries, yet already the industry is working intensively on the transition to the next generation of mobile -- 4G. This will be a major step in terms of network technologies, services, and industry business models, and will take many years to complete. Significant mass-market rollouts are not expected until toward the middle of the next decade, and much of the future 4G landscape inevitably remains obscure.

This report, based on an earlier Light Reading Webinar, "The Road to 4G," sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU), aims to provide a convenient summary of key points about the transition to 4G and a guide to one of the major wireless developments of the coming decade. Among other topics, it looks at:

  • What 4G is
  • Why we need it
  • The technologies that underpin 4G
  • Applications and services that will run on 4G networks
  • What it will mean for users
  • How it will evolve from today’s 3G networks
Here’s a hyperlinked contents list:

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— Tim Hills is a freelance telecommunications writer and journalist. He's a regular author of Light Reading reports.

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