Talkin' Up VOIP

Unstrung readers are a well-packetized lot according to our latest site poll (See Wireless VOIP.)

A 73 percent majority of respondents to the "Wireless VOIP" poll say that they have used a WiFi-based voice-over-IP system of one kind of another, with another six percent unsure if they have used one or not.

Nearly 50 percent of respondents who make WiFi voice calls are in the office. Home and travel users split the remaining 50 percent almost equally. Thirty six percent of the poll takers say they like 802.11 voice calls because it saves money on corporate phone bills. Meanwhile, another 36 percent like the benefit of having calls "follow them" to wherever they happen to located and whatever device they are using. [Ed note: In other words, 36 percent of the respondents to this poll are masochists.]

There are plenty of reasons why people are still a bit leery about installing WiFi systems. A sizeable minority -- 40 percent of those that answered -- are waiting for dual-mode cellular and WiFi devices to arrive on the market. Meanwhile, 26 percent say they have no plans to install such a system. Surprisingly, only seven percent say that the cost of installation is their biggest worry.

Nonetheless, despite the potential holdups, 58 percent of the 80-plus respondents to the survey believe WiFi voice will be commonplace inside (and outside) the office within a few of years.

Hope you are ready for takeoff with our next poll, which asks if we're ready for wireless services on planes. Click WiFly With Me and vote early, vote often. — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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