Syncing With Google

12:20 PM -- Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) says it is now offering IMAP support for its free Gmail email service. What this means is that users should be able to synchronize email content across accounts and devices.

I've just switched the feature on in my Gmail account and I'll report back on how well it works next week. I have a RAZR V3 which, in theory at least, should be a nice and simple testbed for new mobile features.

Full disclosure: I've never been able to make the mobile Gmail application work effectively on the RAZR. I've downloaded the Java code several times and it works fine at first but is then impossible to find on the phone once I exit the email inbox. I'm willing to accept, however, that this could be my error or a RAZR software quirk rather than a problem with the Google software itself. I'll let you know if the new update changes any of this.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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