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Soapstone Shores Up Ethernet

LAS VEGAS -- Soapstone Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOAP), today announced that it is showcasing the PNC™ (Provider Network Controller), its multi-vendor resource and service control plane software framework, at NXTcomm in Las Vegas. Soapstone will be showcasing its PNC framework making Carrier Ethernet resources service-ready in the largest multi-vendor Carrier Ethernet demonstration at NXTcomm demonstrating standards based integration from OSS to network equipment.

Service providers need to deliver a superior quality of experience to their customers that is based on product as well as the ease of use for doing business with the service provider. Service providers require precise control over services which is achieved by reducing the variability in the customer experience. This requires the implementation of continuous quality improvement for products and touch to the customer. Carriers have realized they need better network resources such as those offered by Carrier Ethernet to achieve superior levels of quality. Carrier Ethernet provides the predictability of circuits and rich OAM&P capabilities to support service quality objectives as well as long term Opex reduction. Quality also needs to be measured and control systems needed to reduce variations in quality (between customer expectation and service definition and between service definition and resource behavior). Service ready resources need to be automated and integrated into service lifecycle management systems to improve the quality of the customer touch by service providers.

The demonstration showcases Amdocs Cramer OSS taking apart a service into its component resources, establishing quality criteria for resources and passing the complete description to the PNC using TMF standards implementing a NGOSS contract. Utilizing the NGOSS contract from Amdocs Cramer, the Soapstone PNC identifies the appropriate network resources, provisions the network resources to implement the contract, and maintains them in real-time to ensure compliance of both availability and performance. In the event of a failure, the PNC selects alternative resources to restore the service. The Carrier Ethernet network is comprised of ANDA Networks, Telco Systems, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Hammerhead, and Nortel switches.

“We are very pleased to drive this demonstration because it shows the service provider community how they can provide a quality experience to their customers both in terms of the product quality as well as interaction with their customers,” said Esmeralda Swartz, SVP Marketing and Business Development at Soapstone Networks. “We believe that delivering pre-integrated components from the OSS to network equipment is key to tapping the potential for NGN services.”

Soapstone Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: SOAP)

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