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Shwag Museum Part II

10:00 AM -- Welcome back to Light Reading's Museum of Schwag, Light Readers.

To recap, the Museum of Schwag -- or the Schwagarium, if you will -- will house interesting industry memorabilia -- little bits o' history that range from the ridiculous to the absurd.

Last week, you got a glimpse of Dorky Cisco Guy. I have yet to hear from anybody within Cisco about his real name, so he will remain Dorky Cisco Guy for now.

This week's entry: Truckin' with Altamar.

  • Marketeer: Altamar Networks Inc.
  • Name: The Altamar Mobile? The Alta-Hauler. The AltaHaulit?
  • Era: Post Bubble
  • Debut Venue: Supercomm 2002
  • Field notes: Wow, check this thing out! It almost looks like you could drive it away! Like many Schwag items we like, this thing is perfect for the kiddies. The wheels actually work, too. As a branding mechanism, though, it sends mixed messages. The idea here is that it's promoting Altamar's Ultra Long Reach -- ULR. But we're wondering if a large semi is really the right message to send about high-performance networking gear: "Our equipment is large, bulky, creates lots of fumes, requires regular maintenance, and takes four days to cross North America!" Also, does this mean Altamar's gear requires special truck rolls -- with especially large-ass trucks?

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    — R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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