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Should Broadband Flow Like Water?

11:10 AM -- The folks at Supercomm have put out a survey stating the importance of broadband access in an attempt to drum up interest for their conference. It worked, obviously, but I think they picked the wrong headline.

The survey press release touts that "nearly 70 percent of all respondents believe uninterrupted broadband access should be as readily available as other utilities like electricity and water."

Nearly 70 percent means not quite 70 percent. Therefore more than 30 percent of those who took Supercomm's survey do not believe broadband access should be as available as electricity and water.

Does anyone find it odd that the promoters of the "Broadband Life" are saying, via their survey, that some 100 million Americans think broadband doesn't need to be as instantly available and is somehow not a core utility?

This could be a regional thing. Folks in the rural parts of the country who don't have broadband may not know what they're missing. (See Recovery Act: Everyone Wants to Rural the World.)

But it could be that what Supercomm's promoters have revealed, indirectly, is that people feel less dependent on a core broadband service at home so long as their iPhone is getting their emails and their Twitter account is still free. Maybe they've accidentally revealed that the mobile Web is really the future.

Am I reading too much into that shocking 70 percent figure?

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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