Service Creation Club Plans Pilots

ATLANTA -- Supercomm -- Wonders will never cease. The Service Creation Community, a collective of vendors and consultants formed at last year's Supercomm event, has managed to achieve something in the past 12 months. It's got two projects in pilot stage and one set to get a live run on a telecom network (see Service Creators Announce Pilots).

The idea of the group is to collaborate on ways to make it easier for carriers to create and successfully deliver new services across their networks; and, at this year's Supercomm event, two of the initial members of the community, Network Equipment Technologies Inc. (net.com) (NYSE: NWK) and Siemens AG (NYSE: SI; Frankfurt: SIE), are showing pilot schemes.

Given the skeptical coverage of the formation of the group last year (see Vendors Hold Service Creation Love-In), net.com's CEO, Bert Whyte, was keen to put folk in front of the demonstration at his booth. That demo involves giving customers the ability to turn their bandwidth up and down on demand, to meet the demands of the application being used and be charged accordingly. The demo showed the delivery of high-quality video content across the equivalent of a DSL connection, and how the quality of the video delivery improved as the bandwidth was "turned up" in real time by the customer using a Web interface.

Whyte, whose SCREAM (service creation management) platform is at the center of this pilot, delivered the demo with a "told you so" message for skeptics.

Read the full story at: Boardwatch. — Ray Le Maistre, International Editor, Boardwatch

rbkoontz 12/4/2012 | 11:57:21 PM
re: Service Creation Club Plans Pilots
OK. Enough already. For the past 4 years since net.com has unsuccessfully tried to relaunch themselves, this company has had more LR coverage of such miniscule newsworthy information than any vendor I know.

The charming Mr. Whyte has clearly won the admiration of the LR editors. Unfortunately, there is no substance to anything net.com has done. No "real" carrier wins in the 4 years this crap has been going on! Meanwhile, their little government business continues to keep them afloat.

Inquiring minds want to know where the LR connection is... Who's doing who?
skeptic 12/4/2012 | 11:57:20 PM
re: Service Creation Club Plans Pilots
The demo didn't show much of anything. The issues
involved in these schemes don't have to do with
raising and lowering the bandwidth to a particular
user. They have to do with how a provider would
practically deploy something like that.

To adjust bandwidth, you have to have extra
bandwidth and you have to build out the
physical infrastructure to the customer to the
maximum bandwidth. My costs, as a provider,
are generally not related to the amount of
bandwidth used, but mostly tied to the type
of link I had to put in.

I suppose it might make sense if you had shared
equipment fanning out to a neighborhood and
you were selling extra capacity over a set of
customers. But even then, it would seem better
to put in the necessary capacity and sell it
to the customers as a monthly service rather
than on-demand.

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