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Schwag Museum: Charlie Hustle

2:15 PM -- It's Friday, so that must mean it's Schwag Time.

Telecom 2005 starts next week, so let's roll back the clock to last year. At Telecom 2004, Redback Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: RBAK) hosted a baseball-themed briefing room where Pete Rose was signing autographs (how much does a Pete go for these days, I wonder?). They were also showing the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees and serving up hot dogs.

Ah, yes, to some of us it brings back fond memories.

Hmmm, so let's see, Pete Rose in Las Vegas. Is that a good branding association? We'll have to think about that for a minute... umm ... No! But hey, Redback, thanks for the photo. It looks pretty slick!

  • Marketeer: Redback Networks
  • Name: Autographed photo of Pete Rose, a.k.a. "Charlie Hustle," a.k.a. "Gamblin' Pete"
  • Era: Post-bubble
  • Debut Venue: USTA 2004 (for telecom-related signings, that is)
  • Field notes: It was nice to meet Pete -- yes, he was a bit gruff, but he was friendly enough, and more than willing to talk baseball. For the record, when I asked Rose who would win the 2004 ALCS, he correctly predicted the Boston Red Sox! Scoping out the the prices on eBay, looks like this photo may have a fair market value of $4.99.
  • Marketing message: "We get the job done, even though we may gamble and lie."
  • Status: We'll have to see what Redback has in store next week at Telecom 2005. Lenin memorabila, maybe?
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— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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