Vyatta Marches On

5:05 PM -- We frequently write about how Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) keeps absorbing neighboring functions into the router, glomming up other boxes like some disgusting amoeba. But everybody else does it too, right?

Vyatta Inc. , the open-source router company that prides itself on not being Cisco, is wrapping security into its routers. It seems like an obvious step, especially considering firewalls became router features so long ago.

The Vyatta 2501, released today, is the first in a series of branch-office appliances that add security features to a 1U Gigabit Ethernet box. (See Vyatta Adds Appliance.)

It's actually the second time Vyatta's done this; the smaller, lower-speed Vyatta 514 came out in March. (See Vyatta Gets Small.) The new 2500s get up to Gigabit speeds and include card slots for more versatility.

Vyatta is really a software company. But just as Linux had Red Hat -- a company that packaged and serviced the software you could get for free -- Vyatta has customers that would rather buy a prefab box. That's what got Vyatta selling PC-based routers in the first place. (See Vyatta Vaunts Open Source Router.)

Security will get more fully absorbed in future releases, says Dave Roberts, Vyatta's vice president of marketing. "The security world and the pure routing world are converging, partly because those boxes sit next to each other in a lot of networks."

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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