Top 10 Bizarre Things Found Inside Telecom Hardware

Telecom equipment requires a clean environment to operate optimally. Dust and other forms of dirt can result in overheating, reducing efficiency and the overall lifespan of the equipment. But every now and then, engineers open up the cases in their wiring closets and find strange things inside.

Click the image below for a slideshow of odd things engineers have unearthed.

10. A silicon engineer's name etched with a microlaser.
10. A silicon engineer's name etched with a microlaser.

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[email protected] 12/31/2013 | 12:41:46 PM
Re: Justin Beiber Some things can never be found...
phoneman267 12/30/2013 | 11:50:45 PM
Justin Beiber Must have had a real search to find Justin Beibers talent!
b393capt 9/30/2013 | 12:53:15 PM
Toothbrush 3. Does toothbrush count, or does that happen way to often to be Bizarre ( probably used to clean contacts) ?

2, Vice grips  (what on earth was someone thinking ?)

1. Barbie Doll with 10+ outfits in tool box.
Steve Saunders 8/26/2013 | 3:31:47 PM
Re: TechInsights LOL!

A hilariously out of place peice of silicon - they'd probably find that fantastically amusing, sadly.



Sarah Thomas 8/26/2013 | 3:30:01 PM
TechInsights These are a great mix of hilarious and disgusting. I'm having a hard time believing the human head, but perhaps a finger (nail?) at least. We should ask the teardown experts over at UBM TechInsights to weigh in on anything surprising they've found too. (But it might just be a Samsung processor in an Apple product!!)
Steve Saunders 8/26/2013 | 1:44:24 PM
Re: Snake? eek! a snake!
calixalien 8/26/2013 | 1:42:58 PM
Snake? How about a snake... http://community.calix.com/t5/Calix-Community-Blog/Photos-From-The-Field-A-Snake-Crawls-into-a-C7/ba-p/9876
brookseven 8/25/2013 | 1:36:32 PM
Re: Polly grip One of first installations in Mexico had chicken feathers in the power supply from the chickens running around the CO.


DanJones 8/24/2013 | 1:47:36 PM
Re: Polly grip Ha!
Carol Wilson 8/24/2013 | 7:26:22 AM
Re: Polly grip For some reason this reminded me of the OSP vendor who sold cabinets that were pre-marked with graffitti in hopes of preventing further damage.

Steve, you had me on the first few. 
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