Euronews: Huawei Lands 400G Router Deal

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: CityFibre to float; Voxsmart's call-recording breakthrough; Mobistar begins 4G services.

  • Jazztel plc , an alternative Spanish fixed-line operator best known for its consumer broadband services, is to deploy Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. routers to construct what the Chinese vendor claims is the first 400G IP backbone in Western Europe. The Huawei NE5000E 400G core router allows subcards to be removed and re-installed, and supports combinations of 100GE, 40GE, and 10GE boards. (See Jazztel Deploys Huawei's 400G Routers, Momentum Builds on 400G Optical, 400 Gig-E and Huawei Router Passes 400G Test.)

  • CityFibre Holdings Ltd., which describes itself as "the UK's largest independent fibre optic infrastructure provider to secondary cities," plans to float on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market, reports the Daily Telegraph. CityFibre is expected to have a market capitalization of £50 million (US$80.8 million), according to the report. (See CityFibre Launches 1Gbit/s Business Broadband.)

  • London-based financial mobile applications specialist Voxsmart has launched a mobile call recording service that, the company believes, is the first to comply with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations in the UK, as well as the upcoming Dodd-Frank legislation in the US, across all service/applications on any smartphone connected to any network. The company says its system, developed to address the increasing use of IP/unified communications and WiFi connectivity, records and stores all types of financial trading calls and communications, and incorporates analytics tools. (See Voxsmart Meets FCA Rules With Mobile Call Recording Service.)

  • Belgian mobile operator Mobistar SA has switched on 4G services in 30 towns and cities. The company, which is majority-owned by Orange (NYSE: FTE), plans to add at least 40 more urban areas to its 4G roster in 2014. For more details, see this press release.

  • Swisscom AG (NYSE: SCM) is targeting the needs of the country's cadre of jet-setting execs by offering mobile roaming in several parts of the world, the most recent addition being neighboring France. Swisscom's customers who have nipped across the French border can now access the network of Bouygues Telecom . Roaming arrangements with operators in South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Japan are already in place. (See Swisscom Offers 4G LTE Roaming in France.)

  • Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT) is continuing its foray into the M2M market by partnering with energy provider Ista. Water, heating, and power meter readings remotely collected by Ista will be relayed to the company's servers over Deutsche Telekom's network. More details can be found here. (See DT's Smart City Ambitions.)

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • Alex_Fduch 11/29/2013 | 6:30:44 AM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... Only small difference:
    NCS6000 is not commercially available yet. And it is just claimed to have 1Tbps per slot capacity.
    It will be available from H1'2014. And then we will see what Cisco actually can ship to customers. :)
    dwx 11/26/2013 | 7:40:18 PM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... Good catch, I forgot the ALU XRS breaks things into two slots instead of a single large slot with four sub-slots.  Either way the Huawei is 16x400G (really 480G) and the XRS is 20x400G.   Guess ALU needs to change their material as well now since the NCS6000 is 10x1Tbps... 
    halo.duan 11/26/2013 | 7:20:49 PM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... copied from ALU website

    7950 XRS-20
    The Alcatel-Lucent 7950 XRS-20 provides 16 Tb/s of routing capacity in a single 19" rack, making it the highest capacity single-chassis core routing platform available.
    With 20 slots each initially capable of
    400 Gb/s of aggregate interface capacity, the system supports 10GE, 40GE, 100GE, and future 400GE interfaces without stranding system bandwidth.
    The 7950 XRS-20 can support up to eighty 100GE ports in a single rack, requiring 80% less space than existing core router alternatives.
    7950 XRS-20 systems can be upgraded to the 7950 XRS-40 to double the routing and interface capacity, and to multi-chassis 7950 XRS configurations in future for further system scaling.


    dwx 11/26/2013 | 5:56:14 PM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... The ALU XRS is 800Gbps half-duplex, or in former Cisco marketing terms 1.6Tbps/slot like you said.  It has the ability to support 8x100GE line-rate ports per slot.   The Cisco NCS is 10x100GE.   So Huawei is actually behind every other major router vendor.  
    halo.duan 11/26/2013 | 5:25:16 PM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... Huawei 400G means  it support 4  100G ports or 40  10G ports . for some company's math , it's 800G.
    dwx 11/26/2013 | 3:26:30 PM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... The router just has 400G/slot, it doesn't support 400G interfaces. The highest speed interface it supports is 100G. It is just poor marketing from Huawei. The PTX from Juniper is 480G/slot and has been out for two years now as has the XRS from ALU which is now 800G/slot.
    DOShea 11/26/2013 | 11:27:55 AM
    Re: Nice marketing start.... Also puts some good pressure on other vendors to try to close their own 400G Tier 1 deals, or at least move things out of trial and lab phases.
    [email protected] 11/26/2013 | 10:08:09 AM
    Nice marketing start.... For Huawei this is a neat reference - people will really take notice when a Tier 1 is involved.
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