Compass-EOS Targets Japan With Core Router

MILPITAS, Calif. -- Compass-EOS, the icPhotonics routing pioneer, today announced a partnership with Net One Systems, a leading systems integrator in Japan, to offer Compass-EOS’ core-grade r10004 routers in Japan.

“The Japanese market is ready to accept and deploy novel routers and core network architectures, and greatly appreciates the reduction in power, space and operational costs as well as the high port density, all of which are a key benefit of the Compass-EOS icPhotonics technology,” said Fumihiko Shinoura, Executive Officer of Net One Systems. “Our focus is to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology so they can radically improve their systems.”

The Compass-EOS technology is the world’s first shipping silicon-to-photonics based router, a technology long considered as having disruptive potential in core networking and computing. Its photonics-based interconnect creates novel router architectures requiring less power, and taking up less space while providing a higher port density and capacity. Beside the lower TCO per each Compass-EOS router, the technology enables building-block deployment of routing resources, similar to the revolution in data centers 15 years ago.

Net One Systems Co. Ltd.

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