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Redback's Fate

5:45 PM -- The promotion of Redback Networks Inc. CEO Kevin DeNuccio might actually be a promotion.

Which is a bit surprising. Nothing against DeNuccio, but when a CEO-type executive gets moved "up" to a title with "chairman" in it -- well, the assumption is that he's been forced out. Especially if sales aren't hitting what they ought to. (See DeNuccio Replaced at Redback.)

But Redback officials are telling us their unit is being combined with Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC)'s IP-based wireless infrastructure gear to form a single product area (the official term for an Ericsson division) for packet networks. That product area also becomes point man for Ericsson's Silicon Valley efforts.

It's a bigger job, highly technical, and one that DeNuccio reportedly decided wasn't for him. He'll stick to the strategy side while Georges Antoun, as noted earlier, will take over the Packet Networks product area, with Bert Nordberg becoming Redback's chairman.

It's clear Redback is undergoing changes; they're just denying that the changes are the result of Ericsson being disappointed in the company.

Maybe it's spin, or maybe there's something there. We'll try to get some details out on Monday.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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