'Ready for Our Closeup, RF'

Summer's over, and those long winter nights will soon be drawing in again, so what better way to keep your extremities toasty warm than to have four of Nextel Communications Inc.'s (Nasdaq: NXTL) radio antennas installed within ten feet of your bed?

In a report this week on the possible health risks posed by cell phone towers, the Cambridge Chronicle uncovered an extremely local piece of RF engineering: A brace of antennas just outside an area resident's bedroom window.

Nextel installed the antennas opposite the residence of Catherine Brady and Nancy Cole in December 2002 after the local Board of Zoning Appeal granted the carrier a special permit to do so. Local residents had battled the permit, claiming it was illegal, but this was rejected by the board. Nextel says that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has deemed the antennas safe for usage in residential neighborhoods.

And looking on the bright side, Unstrung figures that the residents – if they're Nextel subscribers – are probably getting really, really good coverage.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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