Rambo Reporter?

Apparently it is not the place of a lowly reporter to be asking questions at the Salomon Smith Barney tech conference. Oh, no. The financial group would rather your correspondent didn't worry his pretty little [ed. note: and bald] head about anything as taxing as handset forecasts or future business plans.

Unstrung turned up to see Nokia Corp.'s (NYSE: NOK) promotion at the swanky Sheraton New York in midtown, only to be held up at the registration desk for half an hour as a page of terms and conditions was faxed through. We had to verbally agree to these terms before being allowed to enter the Nokia presentation, which was nearly over by that point (they reiterated some of the guidance they'd already given).

We thought we'd share our favorite term -- or was it a condition? -- with you, gentle reader (not even mentioning the fact that Q&A sessions are supposedly "listen-only" for mere hacks, or that we were asked to "where [sic] your conference badge"]: "You should be as discreet as possible at all times, as not to disturb any of the participants," according to the document -- which is really rather laughable given just how dainty these conferences are. Speakers are usually led away by their minders after a little banter with the press (if they feel like it). "We specifically mention that there should be no 'rushing' or 'crowding' speakers, either before or after their presentations," the document carries on.

Kinda brings up visions of the hapless executive being pursued and run to ground by a horde of slavering scribblers, doesn't it?

Oh, hold on: I think I've just invented a new sport!

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
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