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MAHWAH, N.J. -- RAD Data Communications and Shiron Satellite Communications have announced an agreement on strategic cooperation between their two companies that will allow both providers and users of satellite services to maximize bandwidth efficiencies.

The agreement pairs Shiron’s InterSKY RBOD (Real-Time Bandwidth-On-Demand technology) with RAD’s Vmux-400 and Vmux-420 A-bis voice optimization gateways and its IPmux family of TDM over IP (TDMoIP®) pseudowire gateways.

Shiron’s InterSKY™ delivers the highest-quality broadband satellite services economically to remote locations, and is designed for service providers, enterprises, and government agencies. By combining Shiron’s InterSKY™ VSAT systems with RAD’s Vmux voice optimization gateways and IPmux pseudowire gateways as access devices, cellular operators transporting traffic over satellite links can significantly reduce operating expenses across the entire GSM backhaul pathway.

“Satellite services are billed according to the quantity of bandwidth consumed, so cellular operators that have opted for such resources are under ceaseless pressure to implement whatever measures are available to maximize bandwidth efficiencies,” explains Amir Karo, Associate Vice President, Product Management and Business Development, at RAD Data Communications. “RAD’s Vmux and IPmux access products are prefect complements to Shiron’s InterSKY™ RBOD because they permit satellite service providers to offer their customers a more attractive, efficient, and complete solution.”

The combination of RAD’s Vmux-400 and Vmux-420 A-bis (BTS to BSC) optimization gateways and Shiron’s InterSKY™ Broadband Satellite Communications Systems enables mobile operators to make better use of their GSM network resources. The solution offers up to 3:1 bandwidth optimization, as well as a 2:1 reduction in the number of E1 ports required for backhaul, with no compromise in voice quality. This eliminates inefficiencies to yield bandwidth savings of 50 percent and more, greatly reducing the amount of satellite uptime required.

RAD’s Vmux A-bis optimization gateways, moreover, ensure maximum scalability, given that up to 12 E1 voice trunks can be connected over a single E1 or a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet uplink. They also distinguish themselves in the market by offering precise clock regeneration over IP.

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