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Poll Takers Favor AT&T

The end of AT&T Corp. (NYSE: T) may be near, but more than one third of the folks taking Light Reading's February Work Poll say the carrier's new parent-apparent, SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE: SBC), should keep the AT&T brand alive.

Oddly, the more obscure choice of AT&T&S&B&C as the new carrier name has so far garnered 7 percent of the vote.

The poll, which focuses mainly on how the pending SBC/AT&T will affect jobs, reflects the grim reality of corporate megamergers. Poll respondents don’t think the SBC/AT&T deal will prove to be good for AT&T employees’ job security, with 68 percent believing it will lead to serious cuts in the company, including engineering cuts. Eighteen percent say Ma Bell will be "gutted."

A full 75 percent of the respondents say the SBC/AT&T merger should have no effect on their own employment situation, but 19 percent claim it puts them at risk. A lucky 7 percent say that the merger actually makes their jobs more secure.

In a question sure to be closely scrutinized by San Francisco Giants’ fans, 68 percent of respondents say that the name of SBC Park -- the Giants’ home stadium -- should buck the corporate naming trend and adopt a name with character like New Candlestick or Willie Mays Park.

The less creative 19 percent say that the ballpark should stay SBC no matter what the combined company is named, while 11 percent don't mind the name-change merry-go-round and believe it should adopt the new corporate moniker.

The Light Reading Work Poll, "SBC/AT&T and Jobs," will be open for more votes until March 1. You may cast your ballot here.

— Chris Somerville, Senior Editor, Next-Generation Services

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ChiefEngr 12/5/2012 | 3:25:50 AM
re: Poll Takers Favor AT&T How about taking some of SBC and some of AT&T and naming the new thing SCAT?
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