Poll: Microsoft's Surface-Level Tablet Specs

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) jumped into the tablet business Monday evening, unveiling its response to Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL)'s iPad, the Surface tablet.

Microsoft showed off the tablet at an event in LA and announced some details, including that it weighs 1.5 lbs, would have a magnesium case and full touchscreen keypad that can be magnetically attached to the tablet, a built-in stand for viewing and an integrated Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) application.

The software maker is introducing two different versions of the tablet, the ARM Ltd. -based, Nvidia Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA) tablet with Microsoft's mobile version of the Windows operating system, Windows RT, as well as one based on Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC)'s x86 CPU with the full Windows 8 Pro OS.

Those are some of the details Microsoft shared, but it left out an equal number of important considerations, like when it will launch, what the price will be and if there will be a network-connected version. Microsoft never mentioned carrier partners or Long Term Evolution (LTE), but it did promise more details close to the launch. (See Microsoft Surface: Where's the 4G Wireless?)

In the meantime, we want to hear what Light Reading readers want from the tablet. With so many device options on the market, including more to come from Microsoft's own partners, what are your priorities? What feature will put you over the edge to buy the Surface? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

sarahthomas1011 12/5/2012 | 5:29:57 PM
re: Poll: Microsoft's Surface-Level Tablet Specs

No one in the Twittersphere seemed too upset about the lack of LTE in the tablets, but you can bet the carriers will be. That makes Microsoft a competitor to its hardware partners and its carrier partners...

joset01 12/5/2012 | 5:29:55 PM
re: Poll: Microsoft's Surface-Level Tablet Specs

I voted price as the most important factor.

sarahthomas1011 12/5/2012 | 5:29:54 PM
re: Poll: Microsoft's Surface-Level Tablet Specs

As have most people in the first 80 who have taken it. There were a few "all of the above," but still not too many that see LTE as necessary. Surprising? I think it still comes down to pricing of the LTE -- or any connectivity -- plans.

pogo 12/5/2012 | 5:29:50 PM
re: Poll: Microsoft's Surface-Level Tablet Specs

I think Microsoft would be foolish to position Surface as a low-price competitor to iPad. iPads are already inexpensive and Apple enjoys supply chain advantages that Microsoft will never be able to match. Microsoft will attack iPad's weak points: content creation, tight Microsoft Office integration, full featured Outlook/Exchange support, and general support of enterprise applications and IT processes. Microsoft needs to play to their strengths which are many. If they can win the hearts and minds of enterprise customers and PC-centric consumers, they will have no problem selling the Surface at a 1.5x premium over the iPad. 

Chhilar 12/5/2012 | 5:29:49 PM
re: Poll: Microsoft's Surface-Level Tablet Specs

So when do we get to see the results of this poll?

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