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6:00 PM -- TelevisionWeek reports:

At least half a dozen highly anticipated broadcast network fall pilots have been leaked online.

Alarming, right? Then you read on, and find that leaked programming includes NBC's Bionic Woman, Fox's midseason "The Terminator" spinoff The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and ABC's Geico spinoff Cavemen.

But how could such high-quality programming have made its way to the Net? This quandary has some folks spinning conspiracy theories, according to the story:

Given the selection, some downloaders wondered if the networks and studios leaked the programs themselves. Network and studio representatives, however, denied uploading the shows.

After all, what better way to create a built-in audience for shows as sure-fire as "Cavemen" than to leak them months before they hit the airwaves? If anyone had any doubt about the quality of a 70s knock-off like The Bionic Woman, this will surely put those doubts to rest.

— Ryan Lawler, P2P Proselytizer, Light Reading

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