Optical Crossing Unveils 1st Product

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Optical Crossing, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art optical communication systems and components, today announced its first product at the OFC Conference 2001 (Booth# 1002). The OptiBridgeTM 2500 is the first commercially available, single channel, free-space optical transceiver that delivers 2.5 Gbps over distances up to 2 km. Optical Crossing is the first company to offer systems with data rates that break the - multi-gigabit per second barrier. The robust transmission performance of the OptiBridgeTM 2500 is in large part due to the proprietary auto-alignment subsystem, which not only corrects for slow building sway, but atmospheric effects as well. A pair of OptiBridgeTM 2500 transceivers can tolerate an atmospheric attenuation of 20 dB over 1km, and still operates without a reduction in data rate. . The OptiBridgeTM 2500 is ideal for high-speed point-to-point communication applications such as high-speed inter-LAN connectivity and secure building-to-building links, where direct access to fiber optic cable is unavailable.

Muthu Jeganathan, Manager of Optical Wireless Products for Optical Crossing commented: "Free Space Optics (FSO) has emerged as an attractive and cost-effective solution to linking the nation's network backbone and premises network known as the 'first and last' mile. Optical Crossing will make a significant impact with the first to market 2.5 Gbps, single channel, free-space optical transceivers, allowing service providers to offer increased bandwidth at a reduced cost of implementation."

tex 12/4/2012 | 8:36:51 PM
re: Optical Crossing Unveils 1st Product Does anyone know if one of their free space links can be purchased today? They have stated in their press release that the 2.5 Gbps product is "commercially available", but I cannot even find their phone number! Is this company for real, or are they just blowing smoke?
bj7x7 12/4/2012 | 8:28:48 PM
re: Optical Crossing Unveils 1st Product Their phone number is 818-637-5566. if you find anything interesting could you let me know?

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