One RIM to Rule Them All?

5:30 PM -- I am by nature a somewhat forgetful person, which is why the news of an all-in-one mobile device coming from BlackBerry doesn't fill me with giddy anticipation the way it may well do some of my gizmo-mad friends and colleagues. (See New 3G Blackberry Spotted )

Oh sure, I love the concept of having email, the Web, an MP3 player, and all that jazz in one box. But the cold, hard reality of the situation is that I am bound to lose or break the device well before it becomes outdated.

I could leave it in the back of a cab, a coffee shop, or a bar. Hell, I've even lost my phone down the back of the sofa for days on end before.

And while this makes me a worthy guinea-pig for RFID chip implants sometime in the near future, I'm pretty sure that your average business user will leap at the chance to get some whizz-bang cool features on their favorite gadget.

Particularly if it lives up to the early word and can handle more sophisticated attachments like Powerpoint. That really could start to make it feasible to leave the laptop at home sometimes.

And we already know that it's going to be a total battery hog, just like any other smartphone -- but then, so is my laptop and I still drag that around.

Of course, a consistent program of backing up data on the phone should be mandatory for forgetful types who are seduced by the Blackberry, or one of the many other all-in-ones coming down the pipe.

I mean, it's okay to lose a simple cellphone -- annoying yes, but not the end of the world. When a phone is your everything... well, that could turn into a bit of a crisis. — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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