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NYC: What a Mesh

9:20 AM -- It's nearly 10 months since I last wrote about New York lagging behind in the move to municipal mesh networks, and it turns out the Big Apple is still dragging its feet. (See Where Is NYC?.)

The NYC council has tentatively set the first meeting of its Broadband Advisory Committee for next January. The committee will review ways of using municipal resources to accelerate the build-out of broadband technologies. This could mean anything, from deploying more cable, to rolling out a WiFi network, to -- snicker -- "broadband over power lines," within the city of New York.

This indicates to me that there will be plenty more talking shop before anything gets done. Still, maybe that's not all bad -- New York may be waiting to see what happens with the San Francisco WiFi debacle before it meshes it up.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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