NXTcomm Slideshow, Part III

CHICAGO -- NXTcomm 2007 -- NXTcomm is over. And yet we still have pics to share. It's an embarrassment of riches if there ever was one. Click on the player below and enjoy:

Our photos were taken by Chris Lake. The captions aren't his fault.

And don't forget to watch our previous NXTcomm slideshows and our photo blogs from Chicago. (See NXTcomm Slideshow, Part I, NXTcomm Slideshow, Part II, and Chicago Pics.) — The Staff, Light Reading

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light_geeking 12/5/2012 | 3:06:17 PM
re: NXTcomm Slideshow, Part III Hello,
I have attended NXTcomm for many moons now. It is always fun to meet exciting people, check out exciting new products and technologies, listen to interesting/silly keynotes, etc. etc.

This year, I felt that the booths were generally smaller for US telco Vendors (e.g. it won't be an exaggeration if Ciena booth slogan was, "Honey, I shrunk the booth"). On the flip side, the non US vendors such as Huewei, UTStarcom (HQ in US but most biz outside US) as well as non-telco vendors such as Microsoft had increased the booth sizes.

If history is any indicator, we know Ciena stock price was in the dumps when its booth size was overblown. Should one dare to use this extrapolation analogy for Microsoft, UTStarcom, Huawei stock price trends?

Also, whats up with LR NXTcomm pics? Here is one suggestion. We need more babe pics and less food and magicians pics. OK? :-).

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