NTT Chooses Lucent's Softswitch

TOKYO -- Lucent Technologies' Softswitch has been selected for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporate's (NTT) next-generation network development efforts. This next-generation network proposal is the latest success of the Fujitsu-Lucent strategic alliance announced in June 2000 and marks the second award from the NTT Group. As part of its pioneering efforts in next-generation network construction, NTT will trial a new multi-service control system -- using Lucent's second-generation Softswitch -- at the NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group, NTT's research and development arm. The trial, which will begin after delivery of the system in June 2001 and last for approximately six months, reflects the NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group's continuing leadership in developing and deploying a next-generation network to support an array of Internet-based and multimedia services.

"We will make every effort to support NTT's leading edge network development plans," said Hiroaki Takeichi, president of Fujitsu Limited's Network Systems Group and a member of the Board. "We're determined to leverage our cooperation with Lucent to help our customers offer even more sophisticated and varied network services."

mu-law 12/4/2012 | 8:39:38 PM
re: NTT Chooses Lucent's Softswitch A six month trial by the R&D arm... is this a win? I guess this is the best they could hope for...
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