Nokia: A 700 Mhz Winner?

2:05 PM -- Interesting snippet from ISuppli Corp. on the 700 MHz auctions. The analyst firm suggests that the open slice of the C band could help Nokia's sales in the U.S., which are somewhat lackluster compared to much of the rest of the world:

    Handset market leader Nokia is assessing methods to leverage its market dominance. The establishment of an open network and Block C’s attractive propagation aspects could be the opening Nokia has been looking for to establish a greater presence in the United States, especially since one of its biggest obstacles has been its weak relationships with the American operators. The availability of the Block C spectrum bypasses this barrier to some degree.
Soon enough we should get to find out which companies have actually won the auction. The bidding is expected to close within days now.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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