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4/9/2016 | 3:35:13 AM
Name for the new network model
How 'bout "4NET"?
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown
4/5/2016 | 8:57:34 AM
Re: Mod Squad
Modelly McModelface is currently in the lead.

A fair British contingent must be voting on this poll.
4/2/2016 | 1:54:15 AM
New Model / New Name

1 - Open OSI

2 - OSI Squared 

3 - OSI ²

4 - Quad OSI

5 - OSIx4

6 - OSI Short

7 - OSI Compressed  

8 - Open Stack

9 - New Stack

10-Short Stack

11-Quad Stack

12-App Stack

13-Small Stack

14-Cloud Stack

15-Stack as a Service (SasS)

16-SDN Stack


<<<<< Now take a poll on these!  >>>>>>>>>>>


Tell me what you think

Voice / SMS 914-500-8696

Yoy guy's are the BEST there is Thank You !!!


3/31/2016 | 10:30:10 AM
The FAB Four
My suggestion for the new name -- FAB.
3/29/2016 | 2:46:32 PM
Re: four layered network model
A vocal critic is probably not the best place to look for for an unbiased history. John Day's Patterns in Network Architecture is a much better source. Both Padilipski and Day have their differences with OSI; Day actually understands what it tried to accomplish and why that was believed to be important. Day also correctly points out that many of the pain points associated with the 4 Layer TCP/IP de-facto architecture would have been avoided had OSI prevailed. For example, we would not have exhausted the address space requiring an IPv6 transition, multihoming would be simple, and we would not be worrying about BGP table explosion.  But, shoulda, woulda, coulda.

On topic: there are architectures and there are marketectures. This is in the latter category. 
3/29/2016 | 11:25:34 AM
four layered network model
There is a four layer(ed) network(ing) architecture model out there and it's called TCP/IP :)

Anyone interested in the history of seven-layer(ed) model (OSIRM) and TCP/IP aka ARPANET  Reference Model (ARM), should read "The Elements of Networking Style" (and other essays and animadvesions on the art of intercomputer networking) by M.A. Padlipsky (1985), or familiarize themselves with Padlipsky's views on X.25 and X.75 (1980s).

Rumour has it (spread by Padlipsky at one time - mostly as a joke) that a seven layer(ed) model (by OSI) was chosen because one of the key meetings in the process of OISRM standardization was held on an island where  a mythological being with seven heads had lived (long ago). 


3/29/2016 | 8:48:51 AM
Nice try, but this cannot be called an architecture.

To make it an architecture, you shouldn't mix technological layers with business aspects and buzzwords.

3/28/2016 | 5:52:29 PM
Re: Mod Squad
Buzzwordus Maximus...

The network model unlike the OSI one doesn't have any real meaning.  Just huge areas that people think that they are part of.


3/28/2016 | 2:04:24 PM
Mod Squad
The only best choice is "Modelly McModelface". I see no reason to consider the others...
3/28/2016 | 6:31:31 AM
Re: My suggestion
QuattroNA ( Quattro - 4 , N-Network A-Architecture)
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