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SlideshowCisco Live: Who Needs Flying Cars?

iainmorris 7/15/2016 | 11:29:20 AM
First photo Looks like a 1980s school disco. Not that I'm that old, of course.
Kelsey Ziser 7/15/2016 | 11:31:53 AM
Re: First photo Is the Cirque du Soleil peformance a metaphor for network flexibility/agility?
cnwedit 7/15/2016 | 12:01:41 PM
Missed the best pix... ...I want the one of the big white ball almost hitting Mitch on the head. 
RJones61 7/15/2016 | 12:51:53 PM
:) I think that flying cars will be something usual in 10-15 years from now. I can't wait!
mendyk 7/15/2016 | 1:51:40 PM
Count 'em Thousands of friends? What are their names?
Mitch Wagner 7/18/2016 | 9:26:50 PM
Re: Count 'em I'd hate to single any out, particularly the Justin Bieber fans on Twitter. 
Mitch Wagner 7/18/2016 | 9:27:46 PM
Re: :) I'm looking forward to seeing my teen-age neighbors taking the family flying car out for a spin. 

Looking forward to seeing it from a distance, that is. 
Mitch Wagner 7/18/2016 | 9:28:15 PM
Re: Missed the best pix... I'll do my best to get closer to the line of fire next time. 
Joe Stanganelli 7/25/2016 | 11:19:30 AM
Re: First photo Except the balls aren't mirrored.
kq4ym 7/28/2016 | 1:20:39 PM
Re: First photo It looks like the 28,000 had a great time there with some spooky stuff added for enteratinment; long hotel hallway, VR glasses, people floating in the air, and hot steamy nights and hotter days! 
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