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BCE Slideshow: See Austin by Segway, Look Like a Dork

AUSTIN, Texas -- Big Communications Event -- You pretty much can't point your camera anywhere in Austin without getting a great photo. I haven't been to Austin in many years, so when Light Reading's Big Communications Event brought me there, I took an extra couple of days ahead of time to see the city.

And no better way to see the city than on a Segway, courtesy of SegCity Tours & Sales. Click the image below to see some of what I saw around Austin. Then scroll down lower for an extra Segway-related treat, and a roundup of our BCE coverage of actual industry issues.

Bicycle Rental & Repair
Gratuitous arty photo of a bicycle shop in an Airstream trailer.
Gratuitous arty photo of a bicycle shop in an Airstream trailer.

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And now for your Segway-related treat: Julius, our Segway tour guide, is a passionate choral singer and yodeler. On the tour, he yodeled to let us know when it was time to stop, because apparently we didn't look dorky enough on a Segway, we needed to have a guy with us yodeling too.

The manager of the Segway shop told me there's a saying in the business: "It's impossible to look cool on a Segway, and it's impossible to not have a good time." I can testify to both. I highly recommend Segway touring with SegCity; just leave your dignity in your hotel room.

Here's 22 seconds of Julius yodeling:

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kq4ym 6/14/2016 | 8:03:31 AM
Wheeling Around Austin Pretty cool tour of Austin art and etc. I've thought often that the Segway might be a little less dorky looking with smaller wheels. There's just something about those giant rollers that look out of place. But it gets you around in any event.
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