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Susan Fourtané 9/30/2015 | 9:02:40 AM
Re: IPv6 ready Joe, I am not saying they are not. They are just doing it a little slower. -Susan
Joe Stanganelli 9/29/2015 | 6:25:35 PM
Re: Something else will pay for the old modems to be eventually swapped out. There have also been legitimate security concerns about IPv6 in that time, with some refusing to make the upgrade for thos reasons, so it is at least a bit unfair to turn this into a blame game.
Joe Stanganelli 9/29/2015 | 6:24:04 PM
Re: IPv6 ready In the past few years, both the US and China have also made great strides in IPv6 readiness.  The federal government got its act together a couple of years ago after several years of delays.
Joe Stanganelli 9/29/2015 | 6:22:42 PM
What, again? Didn't we also run out of IPv4 addresses four and a half years ago?
KBode 9/27/2015 | 10:12:28 AM
Re: Ok, So..... Which makes it all the more shocking that a large chunk of the country's biggest ISPs are way, way behind the curve!
Susan Fourtané 9/27/2015 | 5:05:12 AM
Re: IPv6 ready  Indeed, Mike! Or joined the dinosaurs. :D 

MikeP688 9/26/2015 | 10:02:49 PM
Re: IPv6 ready ...and history has truly shown that those who have not embraced the vision have been relegated to the dustbin of history.    Those who are @ the pinnacle now need to guard against this.
rossc_ie 9/26/2015 | 4:43:46 PM
Something else will pay for the old modems to be eventually swapped out. People have been banging on about IPv6 for the last 20 years but for about the last 18 of those it was likely that the network operator didn't have the hardware & software to support it. It really only got moving in 2011 when IANA exhausted its final /8s.

The deployment glacier is accelerating.

All four mobile operators in the US support it now as do the major wireline residential networks. Android and iOS supports it. More home routers support it.

Avoiding RFC1918 exhaustion, bypassing CGNAT, VoLTE, easier device management, and being ready for the future are driving deployments.

It is sad that it has been such a struggle to do the right thing. It seems almost no one cares about the IP network layer.




Susan Fourtané 9/26/2015 | 12:57:33 PM
Re: IPv6 ready What happens, Mike, is that if you are a service provider with a vision there is no other alternative than thinking ahead, especially when building new networks.  

MikeP688 9/26/2015 | 12:34:26 PM
Re: IPv4 depletion We have to make sure we create and push the "culture of care".     What we do here, in my view, is part of this--not an easy path for sure.   However, it is a journey worth taking not withstanding all the bumps along the road.
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