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Muni Meltdown

5:40 PM -- Hey there Broadbandits!

Well, the news this week has been dominated by the apparent ongoing meltdown of the municipal WiFi market. Hate to say we told ya so, but we did. (See Google Moves on M-Payments and What a Mesh!)

To be honest, it didn't take a genius to see which way the wind was blowing. Unstrung has always been keenly aware of the technical and revenue-generating limitations of mesh WiFi and citywide networks. The sheer speed with which this sector went from hero to zero, however, surprised even us. EarthLink Inc. (Nasdaq: ELNK)'s San Fran pullout has given this whole bubbly niche a massive jolt... of reality.

In the light of the meltdown, other broadband tidbits appear thin on the ground. Nonetheless, here's the best of the rest:

Clearwire Circling?
The wreckage of the Bay Area muni dream to bring WiMax to the Golden Gate. Maybe. (See More WiMax Coming to the Bay Area?)

Chana WiMax
The wireless broadband technology could be coming to India.

San Fran Free Forever!!!
Mesh startup Meraki Networks Inc. still pushing to keep citizen WiFi free in San Francisco.

— The Staff, Unstrung

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