Tata Launches Public-Private Cloud Connectivity Platform

LONDON -- Tata Communications today launches IZO, a global network platform for enhanced hybrid cloud enablement. IZO brings a new way of tackling the complications and challenges that businesses face in realzing the potential of the cloud. IZO offers access to a full ecosystem of network, cloud and data center connectivity making it simple for a business to connect and build its cloud, their way – be it private, hybrid or public.

The IZO platform takes the public Internet and engineers it for predictable routing, together with enterprise cloud connectivity and interconnected data centers. Bringing together a growing ecosystem of over 20 network providers reaching 85% of the world’s GDP, the two largest private cloud platforms and over 50 data centers across the globe, IZO delivers the most comprehensive cloud enablement platform available today.

The platform comprises of IZO Internet (VPN), IZO Private and IZO Public - each of which tackle a significant issue faced by enterprises managing cloud solutions.

IZO Internet (VPN) brings the security, flexibility and predictability of a private network to the public internet - with the global reach of the Internet. Through partnerships with 20 internet service providers around the world, it provides multi-national organizations deterministic routing of traffic with guaranteed end-to-end SLAs and business standard reporting. Multi-national businesses will now experience faster deployment times, whilst reducing their TCO (total cost of ownership) by up to 30%, fostering more secure ways to capitalise on the cloud evolution.

IZO Private connects businesses to cloud service providers via private connectivity. Through global partnerships with the two largest cloud platforms, companies now have access to a one-stop-shop for end-to-end management to ensure network performance and end-user experience.

The third element of the platform is IZO Public which tags and prioritises content with guaranteed performance for Tata Communications enterprise customers. For businesses looking to deliver large volumes of content over the Internet, this service provides unparalleled performance, reach, and capacity ensuring a consistently good user experience.

Tata Communications Ltd.

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